Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hammy's Birthday Party

My youngest turned seven the end of July.  But, because I was so busy placing exchange students and the kids had VBS & I was there too, we decided to wait on the party.  And life being crazy like it is, we had to do it at the last moment.  That was okay.  He was able to help with his birthday cake and that was what mattered to him.  He wanted a dinosaur theme and that is what he got.

He drew his favorite T-Rex and I drew the rest.  Leandra, our exchange student from Switzerland was a huge help when it came time to trace and create with chocolate.  If you are interested in my post on creating with candy melts, visit this post.
I used an incredible chocolate cake recipe from Tasty Kitchen.  It is now my go-to chocolate recipe and a favorite for my kiddos!  I frosted it with a vanilla buttercream and you didn't need a very big piece.  It was a very rich cake. Happy Birthday, Hammy!  Thanks for being such a great boy!

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