Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Home is . . . Crab Apple Blossoms

This a quick post, because I have missed participating in Sandy's Home is . . . party the last couple of weeks.  Today's  party is about flowers.  At the moment these are the only blossoms in my yard, although I hope to change that once the danger of frost is gone.  I do get to view this tree from one of my kitchen windows and I love the color I see.  I wait every year for this vibrant pink to appear for a few weeks. My oldest son brought in several branches of crab apple flowers to brighten my table, but we discovered they are not meant for such a use.  They have shed most of their blooms already. 

My husband's grandparents lilac bushes are finally in bloom, so I am heading over to see them tomorrow and bring home lilac blossoms to fill my home.  I am so excited.

Our yard is a blank canvas.  I would love to know what your favorite flowers and shrubs are, please share them.

It has been a busy week, I learned how to mend fence thanks to my wonderful in-laws.  And, I look forward to a few more days of work.  I am very thankful for my stand mixer, I can't imagine stirring after pounding staples all day!   Tomorrow I am going to post a coconut cake I have been dying to try.      

Sunday, May 2, 2010

On the Grill: Maui Grilled Chicken

This is another one of those restaurant recipes. There was a bar and grill that we went to occasionally when we lived in the KC area and when we went I always ordered the same thing - Maui Chicken. This is my version. I will also include how I make asparagus. My children love asparagus! I always serve the chicken with Uncle Ben's wild rice. Dave usually does the grilling, because does such a superb job with it. I am one lucky lady!!!

Maui Chicken

4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Lawry's Mesquite Marinade
4-6 slices of cheddar cheese
15 1/4 oz can of pineapple slices
BBQ sauce

Marinate chicken in the mesquite marinade for at least 30 min. You may marinate longer if you would like. Grill over medium heat until cooked through. Add cheddar slices the last couple of minutes of grilling. Grill pineapple slices, a couple minutes on each side. Place on top of cheddar. Serve with a side of BBQ sauce.


Grilled Asparagus

Rinse and trim asparagus. Put asparagus in a pot and just cover with cold water. Bring to a boil and blanch for about 2 minutes or until bright green. Rinse several times with cold water. Drizzle with olive oil. Salt and pepper. I prefer kosher salt for this. Make sure all are coated with oil. Grill over medium heat for 3-4 minutes. Enjoy!!

This is a repost, I am linking up to Our Homeschool Home's On the Grill party, please head on over and check out what people are grilling in their backyards!