Saturday, February 28, 2009


I thought I would try my hand at blogging about something I love to do. I love to bake. I will bake pretty much anything, but I especially love to make cupcakes. Something I have always wanted to learn and hope to share is the art of bread making. Not just your average bread but sourdough and french baguettes and maybe even croissants and bagels.

I also enjoy creating recipes for my family's meals. I hope to share these as well. I have some recipes that have been handed down from my grandmother, some that have been passed on to me from friends and family and a pile of cookbooks and food magazines beckoning me to try something new. I hope that having this blog will keep me accountable to trying new things and sharing with you what does and does not work. I also love to create my own version of meals that we have had at restaurants, I miss those wonderful places and now try to create my own version of our favorites.

I really do hope you will enjoy this blog and please share your thoughts with me at anytime.

These are a few pictures of things I have done in the past.