Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project Food Blog Entry #1

Here is my first entry in the Project Food Blog contest.  Running true to form I waited until the last minute to enter.  I would like to say there is a good reason for this, but really there isn’t, I actually do my best work when I am under pressure, also this way my post is fresh in your mind when it comes time to vote on Monday!!  Sneaky aren’t I!

Well, there are so many good entries already, it is a tough competition, so I am just going to cut to the chase and tell you who I am and why I blog and let you decide for yourself, if I have what it takes.

As for who I am, I am a thirty-something mom of three (well, four if you count our wonderful exchange student who is living with us for the school year) who lives literally in the middle of no where.  As in 2 1/2 hours minimum away from a Wal-mart in any direction, midlle of no where.   I miss large grocery stores and restaurants.  I love to cook and bake for my family and friends.  In our neck of the woods I am considered talented in both areas, which is good since we don’t have many options for eating out.  I am best known for my caramel rolls (or crack rollls as some affectionately call them) and cupcakes.  And in our family I make the birthday cakes for the grandparents as a special request.  I love trying new things and therefore I am addicted to cookbooks and cooking magazines.  My favorite website for new recipes is Tasty Kitchen.  I love Tasty Kitchen!  It hasn’t steered me wrong yet.  Although as much as I love new recipes and trying new things, I can’t leave them as is, I am always adding new things, making them my own and I encourage that with whatever recipes I share on my site. I always got in trouble in Mom’s kitchen, because I would often add something to the pot when Mom wasn’t looking!

I started my blog as an outlet for my dream of having a bakehouse, thus the name Gracie B’s Bakehouse.  I am still forming my blog and creating it to be more of what I was hoping for.  So, I am using this contest to help me become better at blogging about food.  Recently, I spoke to someone about making my dream a reality.  It may or may not happen but in our discussion I shared another passion of mine, that has been on the back burner for quite some time, with raising a family and all, and a suggestion was made as how to incorperate it into a bakehouse.  Now, I have decided to act on the suggestion and I am adding it to my blog.  In the near future I am going to share the first chapter in a story I have been dreaming about for some time.  You may ask,'how does that relate to food?'  Well, the heroine of the story deals with some horrible heartaches in the beginning of the story and to deal with it she opens a bakery and finds healing through that and other things that happen along the way.  Wouldn’t you like to know what happens?  I do!

Do I have what it takes to be the next food blog star?

I have always been terrible about selling myself.  That is just who I am.  But I know that I could rise to the challenge that this would present.  It combines what I am best at:  cooking, baking and writing.  What sets me a part from other bloggers is the fact that I do live in the middle of nowhere and I don’t have as many options as others do when it comes to choices at the grocery store.  Therefore what I create is accessible for everyone no matter where they live.   Also, as a coordinator and host mom to exchange students I like to highlight authentic meals from foreign countries.  Last year we opened our home to students from Thailand and Spain and they shared their favorite dishes from home with our family and their friends.  This year we have young friends from Taiwan, Thailand, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Chile, Italy, and Spain.  I hope to share more with my viewers about our authentic meals.  But what I love most about these meals is that  the students themselves are the ones cooking and creating and I am just there to help out with a little kitchen guidance. 

To sum it all up, I love writing and I love being in the kitchen.  Also, I love sharing my kitchen with others, to learn from them and to teach them something I know.  It is the one place I am comfortable and I know that what I have to share through my posts is different than most other blogs:  my version of restaurant favorites, my fiction, and authentic meals made by students who want to share their world with us are just a few of the reasons I could be the next Food Blog Star!  And don't forget to vote starting tomorrow.


House of Annie said...

You got our vote!

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Cheers and aloha.

Anonymous said...

Great post! You really were able to convey to us who you are as a person. I look forward to reading more from you in the future. I voted for you! =)

Good luck!

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the domestic mama said...

I voted for you! Nice post! Very real and true- best of luck to you!

Gina MarySol Ruiz said...

Great post. You have my vote. Good luck in the competition.

Butter said...

Hello! So great to connect and I am enjoying your blog. Mr. Domestic is funny. I think the A Baker in Our Midst is great too. I have a nephew who is a future baker and I love it! This is a great entry regardless of when you signed up - it doesn't show if you did it at the last minute. It is great and I will definitely put a vote in for you!

And a family with three kids AND exchange student - wow. I am amazed at women like you - Good Luck!