Sunday, September 5, 2010

A future baker in our midst

June brought the annual BizKidz business camp for students that are in Middle School.  It is a week long course on creating your own business.  There is always a variety of businesses represented.  They learn so many things about starting a business including start up costs, profits, loss and so on. On the last day of the camp they open up for business and sell their wares. Chewy participated this year and had his own sweet shop.  He was a baking fool for a few days and this mom did a great job (in my opinion) :) of letting him do almost everything.  I was there to help when needed, but he really did the majority of the work.  His brother, sister, and dad even helped with the packaging.  It was a family business and of course it fell on one of my busiest weeks of the summer, so everyone was needed at some point, but we managed not to go crazy.

I showed him a few of my favorite blogs & these were the things he chose to do:

Did you recognize Bakerella's Super Dad cake pops or her burger and fries?

He also made my famous (around here, anyways) cupcakes.  His shop was a great success and he plans on doing it again next year, only this time it won't be sweets.  Also, his sister will be joining in the fun and I hope and pray that it doesn't fall on the same hectic week it did this year because she is also planning to do something food related.  I can't imagine where they get that from . . . wink wink.  Here are some more pics from his day of sales.

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Biz said...

Looks like he had some good stuff!

I remember the beginning of the school year being so hectic. Hang in there!